Bunion Surgery

Bunion Surgery

Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery

Current forefoot surgery and in particular Bunion (hallux valgus) correction is performed through an open incision. This takes time to heal and can have complications e.g infection, prolonged pain, scarring and protracted swelling. Mr Palmer performs minimally invasive bunion correction operations in suitable patients through two or three small "percutaneous" or "key-hole" incisions as a day case procedure using new low speed burrs with high torque and a special mini-xray machine. This technique aims for rapid healing and reduced pain and stiffness of the joint with minimal complications. This surgery is performed under a light short anaesthetic. Immediate weight bearing is possible. Bone healing time is between 4 to six weeks although swelling may last longer.

Stabilisation of the fixation is either acheived with a temporary titanum wire or small specially designed bone screws inserted by "key-hole" techniques. Feel free to see our published research in this field.https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Simon-Palmer-2

Mr Palmer was one of the only English Surgeons to attend the first meeting of GRECMIP, a society of French Surgeons who have developed these techniques in Bordeaux in 2007. Since then he has continued to developed his skills and techniques with rigorous follow up. Mr Palmer and his team undertake many research studies in these techniques.

Currently Mr Palmer is able to offer bunion correction, cheilectomy for arthritis, bunionette correction (5th toe), lesser toe surgery (hammer toe, claw toe, metatarsalgia), ankle and subtalar fusion and ankle sports injury management in suitable patients with these keyhole techniques. These techniques are available at Goring Hall Hospital, and the Nuffield Hospital in Brighton in Sussex . Most health insurance companies will cover these procedures.

Download NICE recommendations and advice on this technique here

Download our paper on the MIS bunion procedure  PDF file on MINIMALLY INVASIVE FOOT SURGERY

Download our full consent/patient information document consent-and-information-document

J. Masters

Been under the care of Mr Palmer for the last few months and have to say amazing treatment from start to finish. So knowledgeable in his role and put me at ease about the whole procedure and shows respect to his patients. Thank you.


M. & W. Warrington

On behalf on my wife Wendy who had a knee replacement we would like to put on record what first class treatment and service we had. From the surgeon Mr Palmer, down to the cleaner, everyone was not only professional but so pleasant, caring and time to deal with any problem. Although there only two days, it was a most stress free as it could be experience. Thank You



I feel i have two functioning lower legs once more, no longer reach for my sticks and carry items without fear of falling. The salutation at the beginning of this letter should read “Mr Wonderful”

Thanks and kind regards



Mr Palmer and his team were magnificent – I went in for an arthroscopy and the whole process was so brilliantly professional and friendly. Keep up the great work and thank you.14/03/2021. HP


D. Willoughby

In 2018, I had an open bunionectomy, lateral release, Akin osteotomy and dorsal cheilectomy with Mr Palmer.
I wonder if you can pass on to him the fantastic impact that this operation had on my quality of life.
My husband and I share the hobby of travelling and walking (around 70-130 miles a month). Yesterday, as we were walking, my husband, Richard, commented,”…your operation was an investment in our quality of life – definitely not a cost”.
I wanted Mr Palmer to know what an amazing difference his skilled hands have had on my life, with my sincere thanks.

21 11 2020

A. Hood

Faultless knee replacement operation by Simon Palmer, knee is in fantastic shape.

07 12 2020