Shockwave Treatment

Shockwave Treatment

Are you suffering from a sports injury?

If you are suffering from knee ankle or heel pain, possibly from a sports injury, then have you considered a treatment called Shockwave treatment? This is a specialist treatment that can help treat many ankle knee or elbow related sports injuries. A more detailed explanation of the treatment is outlined below and I run treatment sessions weekly for patients. If you want to arrange an appointment to discuss how Shockwave treatment could help your sports injury then please contact 07555 300618 or submit your enquiry via the ‘Contact’ page.

Questions on Treatment

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT)

What can it treat?

The Swiss DolorClast (shockwave therapy)is the ESWT device of choice in professional sport. It is currently being used by various Premier League football teams and was also used by athletes at the Olympic Games commonly for knee pain and heel pain.

Clinical trials, conducted by some of the world's leading medical professionals, have shown the shockwave therapy to be successful in treating athletes with sports injury and a painful tendonopathy and orthopaedic indications in the foot, ankle ( heel pain treatment, e,g achilles tendinitis, heel pain plantar fasciitis), knee and upper limbs.

The Swiss DolorClast is supported by more level 1 clinical data than any other ESWT device in the world.

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy is typically used to treat achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis ( policemans heel), tennis elbow, calcific tendonitis of the shoulder, golfers elbow, trochanteric bursitis, patella tendinitis and shin splints.

ESWT technology can also be used to successfully treat other chronic enthesopiathies, acupuncture points and painful trigger points.

What is it and how does it work?

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) is the name given to a treatment form that involves shockwaves being passed through the skin to the injured part of the body (e,g achilles tendon). ESWT has been reviewed by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) in the UK and has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA for treatment for tendonitis and achilles sports pain.

The shockwaves that are produced by our Swiss DolorClast device are generated by a projectile that is propelled at high speed inside a hand-held applicator. When the applicator is placed on the surface of the skin - together with a ‘coupling medium' such as ultrasound gel - the impulses are delivered as a shockwave that spreads inside the injured part of the body as an aspherical ‘radial' wave.

Passing radial shockwaves through the surface of the skin with the Swiss DolorClast initiates an inflammation-like response in the injured tissue that is being treated such as the plantar fascia and the achilles tendon and any knee ligament. This prompts the body to respond naturally by increasing blood circulation, the number of blood vessels and therefore metabolism in the injured tissue improving plantar fasciitis heel pain, patella pain, achilles heel pain or tendon pain. This accelerates the body's natural healing process by increasing cell generation and dissolving calcium deposits.

What are the benefits ?

As a revolutionary treatment technology, ESWT affords the patient and the clinician a number of distinct benefits when using the Swiss DolorClast. These are:

For the patient:

  • No need for anaesthetic
  • Non-invasive procedure
  • No need for surgery (e,g plantar fasciitis surgery) or medication
  • Treatment sessions last for an average of only 6 minutes
  • No hospital admission
  • Transient analgesic effect after treatment
  • No lengthy rehabilitation, loss of mobility or time away from work
  • Fewer complications
  • Strong clinical results

For the clinician:

  • Lower time and financial cost
  • Broad range of applications
  • High patient acceptance
  • Simple procedure
  • Outstanding product reliability and quality
  • NICE guidance and FDA approved
  • European patent of ‘Dolorclast’
  • Low operating costs
  • Comprehensive product support

What are the advantages over other methods?

ESWT offers two main advantages over traditional surgical methods:
fewer potential complications and a faster return to normal activity.

Treatment for plantar fasciitis or treatment for achilles tendonitis usually requires 3 to 4 short sessions in the outpatient clinic over successive weeks performed by your surgeon usually after diagnosis has been confirmed on diagnostic ultrasound. Physiotherapy or stretching exercises are performed whilst undergoing treatment to treat plantar fasciitis or cure plantar fasciitis. Pain relief is usually dramatic but full healing takes 3 months. Success rates for chronic conditions are approximately 80%.e,g for treating plantar fasciitis

Please see this link for clinical studies on the technique:

Downloadable patient information PDF

This treatment is now covered by most reputable medical insurance companies. Codes are available on request. Self-pay packages are also available.

J. Masters

Been under the care of Mr Palmer for the last few months and have to say amazing treatment from start to finish. So knowledgeable in his role and put me at ease about the whole procedure and shows respect to his patients. Thank you.


M. & W. Warrington

On behalf on my wife Wendy who had a knee replacement we would like to put on record what first class treatment and service we had. From the surgeon Mr Palmer, down to the cleaner, everyone was not only professional but so pleasant, caring and time to deal with any problem. Although there only two days, it was a most stress free as it could be experience. Thank You



I feel i have two functioning lower legs once more, no longer reach for my sticks and carry items without fear of falling. The salutation at the beginning of this letter should read “Mr Wonderful”

Thanks and kind regards



Mr Palmer and his team were magnificent – I went in for an arthroscopy and the whole process was so brilliantly professional and friendly. Keep up the great work and thank you.14/03/2021. HP


D. Willoughby

In 2018, I had an open bunionectomy, lateral release, Akin osteotomy and dorsal cheilectomy with Mr Palmer.
I wonder if you can pass on to him the fantastic impact that this operation had on my quality of life.
My husband and I share the hobby of travelling and walking (around 70-130 miles a month). Yesterday, as we were walking, my husband, Richard, commented,”…your operation was an investment in our quality of life – definitely not a cost”.
I wanted Mr Palmer to know what an amazing difference his skilled hands have had on my life, with my sincere thanks.

21 11 2020

A. Hood

Faultless knee replacement operation by Simon Palmer, knee is in fantastic shape.

07 12 2020